Beginning TINGS Lab


We wish we could tell you that this label started once upon a galaxy far far away.  It didn't.  Sounds good though!

TINGS, was started by a kiwi woman (Samoan Background) who crossed the seas to live in Australia and has returned home to New Zealand.  A caring & nurturing mother, sassy grand mother, innovative entrepreneur, wanna be (sit down & stand up) comedian and wanna be (world competition) body builder.

Barb, travelled all around Australia like an expedition, a voyager......a curious pioneer working out, testing fabric and designs for her creations.  A unique collection of ladies leggings (active-wear) collection through different climates for three years experimenting.

Since giving birth to her first child, the mother of three has always struggled with her yoyo weight gain.  Her children are her inspiration for this creation.  They represent and are a constant source of support.  Through this struggle TINGS was created and released in 2020.

Barb - We all struggle with weight and keeping a healthy lifestyle with harsh conditions and expectations our planet is throwing at us.  Most woman don't have the hour glass figure like the models we see in the media.  It is also time for models who celebrate a fuller figure, to acknowledge their beauty and value by celebrating with body confidence.  In my case, as a Polynesian woman, my body has curves, in full expression, sometimes in the wrong places.  My struggle with finding comfortable active wear is where my drive to create and release TINGS comes from.

Other challenging points: turning up to gym wearing the same thing someone else is wearing (looking like nothing happened), boring plain colours (where's the life, the style, the pizzaz?), leggings keep slipping down (how undignified LOL), they didn't have enough compression or compassion and super.....look at you see-through thin fabric.  Not the best look sometimes!

TINGS is a fun, friendly and useful with bright colours, eco-friendly practices with fabric creation, stylish designs, durable, affordable and multi-functional giving us more than one occasion for use.  It's different but with style!

All print inspirations tell a story, first it came from my children, within myself, my life stories, my culture, my personality and what I see in the world through my eyes and people I've met on my travels.  Each collection only has a limited amount of supply.  As we do not want to mass produce unique designs.  We want our customers to honor that they are unique.  We only supply a curtain amount of collections.  Each design has a story behind it. 

Having a well made eco-friendly brand was just as important, we have to take care of our planet as well as ourselves.  TINGS will only be produced by companies who have eco-friendly practices.  Having, previously worked in the sustainability industry, I believe in helping mother earth for our future generations.


Our ultimate goal is to make TINGS Lab the go to Place for working out or going out with clothing that has multiple uses.  Boxershorts for men or boy shorts for women they can swim in, leggings or yoga leggings that can be warn on a night out or hanging out with friends.

We look forward to working in collaboration with our community of artists and creating sustainable community projects.

Follow our journey as we grow into the future!  Tings Lab are constantly changing as the world around us changes too!

  We are constantly creating and working with other brands to bring you a wide colorful collection.  

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