Dazza Collection Design Story

All designs are inspired by our world around us.  Just as unique as the designs, the stories behind the inspiration are unique. 

The Dazza Collection


We meet many various characters in life and this story is of a half cast maori-pakeha character who has left an impression on my life.

Dazza is his nickname, an interesting character who is full of life.  Very hard working man, passionate about being a grand father and leaving a legacy for his children and grandchildren.  His passion for his maori culture and his people stood out for me.  His gentle heart, unsettleing soul, past mistakes, vision of the future, insecurities, child like characteristics, dry jokes have all been an inspiration for this collection.  Some of the designs I have incorporated polynesian characteristics as representation of a polynesia coming into his life.

 Thank You Dazza for being an inspiration in my life!

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