Team Venom Collection

Dedicated to a close friend who will be entering the boxing ring at age 42 to fight for Suicide.  A kind hearted woman who is dedicated to helping those in need, Moeroa has gone from her own challenges to her journey of inspiring others by raising awareness.

The Design:

In spiritual meaning a single white rose means Goddess.  It also symbolises virtue, innocence, trust and love.  In history a white rose known as protection and gathering of like minded people.  The energy of a white rose is empowering.

The snake in spiritual meaning, means powerfully connected to life.  The snake generally means:

Healing, Transformational life changes, Connected to life force primal energy, Spiritual guidance.

Speed - Defensiveness - Protective

The snake patterns represent her Samoan and Maori ancestry background which also drives her strength and determination to lend other a helping hand.

Tings Lab will be sponsoring and partner with Moeroa on her journey.

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