TINGS LABEL SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICAL PRACTICES OUR APPROACH TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN OUR COMMUNITIES AND OUR ENVIROMENT: Here at Tings Label we aim to do our best in playing our part to help protect Mother Earth & The World We Live In. We are making changes daily and continue towards our mission with the assistance of our family and friends.

PRODUCTION: Tings Label is designed in New Zealand & Australia however they are manufactured by our trusted suppliers in Canada, USA & China. We will continue to communicate and visit our suppliers to make sure that they continue to align with our core values & practices. Our suppliers carry a high standard & have documented reports of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) from external audits. We continue to source best practice suppliers as our collections grow.

SHIPPING: All TINGS Label orders sent to our customers, are sent straight from our suppliers. This made to order way of supply allows us to save on wastage on materials and save you money on shipping. This has allowed us to offer our customers with free shipping. See product descriptions for more information on product. OUR FUTURE GOALS FOR TINGS LABEL IS TO BE MORE SUSTAINABLE: FABRIC & MATERIALS: Our mission & goal by 2021 is to have as many sustainable fabrics and materials in our product lines. What we will do is research & source recycled fabrics such as recycled polyester for our leggings & sports bra’s by working alongside our suppliers. We create each product with long lasting wear in mind. Our factories are fully aware of our mission and goals for a sustainable future for our world. With our trusted working relationship with our suppliers we will work together to achieve our mission.